Valentine Pillow Boxes + Free Template

Love is in the air today! These cute pillow boxes are perfect for packaging sweet treats or party favours on Valentine’s Day. A single box would also be a lovely way to present your Valentine with a special romantic gift such as jewellery. I used red glitter cardstock to make these pillow boxes (I had some leftover from making these DIY Christmas Crackers) and then decorated each one simply with a small strip of pink grosgrain ribbon and a paper accordion heart topped with a cute red button.

Valentine Pillow Boxes

Of course pillow boxes are not just for Valentine’s Day! You make them for pretty much any occasion you like, as they can be made in any colour and decorated in so many different ways.

How to make a pillow box:
1 Download the pillow box template by clicking on the link below.
2 Print the template on normal printer paper and transfer to the reverse side of your cardstock or heavy weight paper. Alternatively print the template directly on to the reverse side of your cardstock or paper.
3 Cut around the solid line and score along the dotted lines.
4 Apply glue or double sided tape to the right side of the tab and stick the two long sides of the pillow box together.
5 Gently fold the curves and tuck in the end to close the pillow box.

Pillow Box Template PDF File

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