My First Reduction Linocut Print

At the end of the summer, I attended a printmaking workshop at the Art on the Prom event in Felixstowe. The workshop was taught by Al Smyth, from The Tower Street Print Project in Ipswich, and was an introduction to reduction linocutting. I did some linocutting in my art college days, but I only ever produced one colour prints. Reduction linocutting is a technique in which multi-coloured prints are produced using a only a single lino block. Areas of the design are removed and printed in sequential order starting with the lightest colour and finishing with the darkest.

Starfish Lino Print

This two colour starfish image is the print that I produced at the end of the workshop. The workshop only lasted for an hour and so I chose a simple design that I would be able to complete in that time. Yellow ink was used for the first print and then overprinted with dark blue ink after more of the lino block had been cut away. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to photograph my block after I had cut only the first colour. Whilst we were looking around the exhibitors’ stalls after the workshop we saw some amazing prints, created by a local artist using the reduction linocutting technique, with more that 30 colours!

I really enjoyed the workshop and it is definitely something that I would like to try again. It was very satisfying to get away from the computer and create something with my hands using simple materials and techniques.

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