Flower Pot Birthday Card

I recently made this card for my Mum’s birthday. Inspired by all the lovely flower pot card designs that I had seen on Pinterest, I decided to make by own version. My Mum enjoys gardening and flower arranging and so I knew that this card would be perfect for her.

Flower Pot Birthday Card | Paperspice

The card was made with basic items that I already had in my craft stash. The flower pot base was assembled using coloured pearlescent and corrugated card. I also used pearlescent card for the flowers, traced the shape using a plastic template and then cut out by hand. I drew the leaves freehand on green card before cutting them out. I made the crochet flower centres using small scraps of yarn from my yarn stash.

I designed a simple Happy Birthday sign on my computer, which I printed, cut out and then attached to a cocktail stick so that I could arrange it to poke out from among the flowers. I used fussy cutting to create the lettering of the word Mum from another computer print out.

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