Spring Flower Gift Basket

Spring Flower Gift Basket 1

My lovely Mother-in Law celebrated her 90th birthday last month. As a special gift for her I planted a basket with primulas and daffodils and then added some simple decoration to personalize it.

Spring Flower Gift Basket 2

I made a fancy bow using two different ribbons, a small crochet flower and a button and attached it to the handle at the side of the basket. I made the MUM bunting using letters printed on my inkjet printer, ribbon and embroidery thread to tie it to the handle of the basket.

Spring Flower Gift Basket 3

I also printed her age, cut it out with a 2 inch circle craft punch and backed it with a paper rosette. This was then attached to a plastic straw and simply pushed into the soil at the rear of the arrangement.

Spring Flower Gift Basket 4

As a finishing touch I couldn’t resist adding a couple of paper butterflies!

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