DIY Felt Party Favour Bags

These cute little felt party bags are easy to make. You can make two bags from one 12 inch square of felt. Felt is great for sewing projects like this as it doesn’t fray and comes in loads of different colours. Only basic sewing skills are required to make these felt bags – if you can sew in a straight line and sew on a button then you can make these bags! Each party bag is approximately four inches wide and five inches high and is just the right size to hold a few treats and maybe a small toy. I finished my bags with these personalised Butterfly party favour tags from the Paperspice shop.

DIY Felt Party Favour Bags | Paperspice

To make two party bags you will need:-
One 12 inch felt square
Eight buttons (0.75 inches diameter)
Coordinating sewing thread
Fabric scissors or rotary cutter
Pinking shears (optional)
Sewing machine (optional)
Sewing needle

1. Cut the felt square in half.
2. Take one half and cut a 1 inch strip from the long side and then cut the strip in half to make two handles.
3. Fold the remaining 5 x 12 inch piece of felt in half, with short sides together, and then stitch both side seams using a 0.5 inch seam allowance. Either sew with a sewing machine or by hand using a neat back stitch.
4. Trim the seam allowance to 0.125 inches and for a decorative finish trim the top of the bag using pinking shears.
5. To make the bag stand up sew a straight line across each corner approximately 0.75 inches from the corner point. Turn the bag right side out.
6. Attach the handles to the top of the bag and finish with the buttons.
7. Repeat steps 2-6 to make another bag.
All that is left to do now is attach a cute favour tag to each bag and fill with party treats!

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