Ombre Layer Cakes

Ombre is a big design trend right now in everything from fashion to baking. (Ombre is a French word meaning “shade” and the trend consists of designs that include graduated layers of colour from light to dark or from one colour to another.) Ombre layer cakes are a simple interpretation of the trend using different shades of the same colour in each of the cake layers. Despite the simplicity of the idea, the effect is stunningly pretty and it is no wonder that ombre layer cakes are everywhere at the minute. As you can see by looking at a selection of my favorite examples below, this style of cake is perfect for so many different types of celebration including birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, engagement or anniversary parties.

Top left: Pink Ombre Swirl Cake by Glorious Treats
Top right: Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake by BBC Good Food Magazine
Bottom left: Tangerine Ombre Cake by Betty Crocker
Bottom right: Ombre Cake by Cooking DJ

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