Beach Huts Etsy Shopping

Are you heading to the coast for your summer vacation this year? As I have just returned from a week at the seaside, I decided to prolong my holiday mood by choosing beach huts as the theme for today’s Etsy shopping pick. Here are just a few of my favorite beach hut creations from UK Etsy sellers.

Top left: Beach Hut Pin by Giraffes Kiss
Top right: Appliqued Tea Cosy by Loup Crafts
Bottom left: Beach Huts Embroidery Canvas Art by Gillian Bates
Bottom right: Beach Hut T Shirt by Munchy Monster

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2 Responses to Beach Huts Etsy Shopping

  1. Thank you for featuring my kids organic beach huts t-shirt. It looks fab!
    Your blog is great :)

  2. giraffeskiss says:

    This is great and thank you so much for the feature!
    I’m going to follow your blog too. x